Gáts Tibor

citerakészítő, a népművészet mestere

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Curiculum vitae

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He was born in Kaposvár in 1949. He has been making folk instruments since 1973, above all different zithers and hit gardens. His high-quality instruments are made with an excellent craftman's skill. They are characterized by the careful selection of the materials, the archaism and precision of the structure, the formal beauty and the great care in the execution.

He makes a great variety of zithers (differences in form, size, timbre, pitch level). Although these instruments are traditional Hungarian folk zithers, they are also typical "Gáts" instruments, bearing in them the individuality of their maker and his own ideas as well. He adapts himself with equal ease to the requirements of the instrument users, too.


bemutatkozo_01This is the reason why his instruments are used not only by professional and amateur musicians, but also by cither orchestras and folk music schools.
He has been presenting his instruments on exhibitions in Hungary and abroad for years, on which he received numerous awards.
He was granted the title Young Master of Folk Art in 1976,the title of Folk Handicraft Artist in 1979 and the distinctive title MASTER OF FOLK ART in 1993.

In 1997 at the Budapest Festival of Handicrafts he was elected Master of the Year.